Tips from Health Support

1. Be active

Be active as a family by walking, riding bikes, swimming together and planning holidays where there are plenty of opportunities for physical activity

2. Emergency numbers

Display emergency and commonly used telephone numbers near the phone.

3. Fresh fruit and veg

Fresh fruit and vegetables will give you reserves of energy and increase your ability to concentrate

4. Physical Balance

Balancing physical activity with healthy eating will help you to maintain a healthy weight

5. Positive Body Language

Use positive body language and touch, as this forms a large part of communication.

6. sesame seeds

Adding 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds to your daily salad is equivalent in calcium intake to 1ltr of whole milk without the LACTOSE!

7. Set Goals

Set goals and work towards them - smaller goals are important to have as well as longer term goals

8. Water

Water is a key ingredient in keeping your body's internal systems in balance.

9. Wellness club

Start a staff "wellness" club - have walking activities, healthy eating talks, staff aerobics and staff outings

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Start a staff "wellness" club - have walking activities, healthy eating talks, staff aerobics and staff outings
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